Pakistani Twitter Accounts Peddle Photo Of 2018 IAF Crash As Recent

The photo is from April 2018 when an IAF transport helicopter crashed near the Kedarnath temple in Uttarakhand.

A nearly two-and-a-half year old photo showing the wreckage of an Indian Air Force helicopter that crashed in Uttarakhand is being peddled by Pakistani Twitter users as a recent incident in Ladakh.

The viral image is being shared with the caption, "Today, Indian MI 17 Helicopter has crashed in Ladakh."

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BOOM had previously debunked misinformation peddled by the same account in the past. (here, here). The account claims to be from Nepal, nearly all of its tweets are pro-Pakistan and pro-China.

Pakistani TV anchor Mubasher Lucman also shared the viral photo asking if an MI 17 helicopter has crashed in Ladakh. Lucman, did not clarify even after several Twitter users pointed out that the photo is old.

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Viral on Twitter

On searching with the same caption, we found that the viral image is being shared by Pakistani Twitter accounts with the false claim

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Click here to view, and here for an archive.

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A reverse image search of the photo showed news reports that included the same image and identified the wreckage as an Indian Air Force transport helicopter which crashed near Kedarnath temple in Uttarakhand in April 2018.

The helicopter had crashed-landed after it hit an iron girder while trying to land at a helipad and all passengers were safe and only faced minor injuries reported NDTV on April 3, 2018.

The same helicopter and man in a red sweater can be seen in the video below.

Four people including the IAF pilot suffered injuries among eight people -- six passengers, the co-pilot and the pilot, the helicopter was carrying reported NDTV. The Indian Air Force had launched an investigation to find out what caused the helicopter to collide with the iron girder that led to the crash landing further stated the report.

The same viral photo can be spotted in this Times of India report on the incident from April 3, 2018.


BOOM has previously debunked misinformation surrounding unrelated and old aircraft crashes being passed off as recent IAF crashes.

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