Non-partisanship policy

Objective and fair journalism is BOOM’s goal. So while BOOM recognises that every team member will have their own political views, there is a clear and mandatory requirement to be objective and independent while writing a fact check story. Personal biases are weeded out of every story through a clearly laid down process (Please see methodology section) that only looks at the hard facts available. Every fact check is a team play with several eyes looking at the same story to avoid the risk of any individual point of view finding its place in the story. Team members are not allowed to affiliate with any political party or advocacy organisation to avoid any potential conflict of interest. 

Following activities are not allowed for employees of Outcue Media pvt ltd:
  1. campaigning for any political party
  2. soliciting employees to cast or not cast vote(s) at the time of any elections
  3. wearing badges, buttons, or attire which communicates any form of political views
  4. sharing of political literature in print, digital or any other form
  5. use of company equipment for printing, copying or communicating political literature or views in any form
  6. attending protests or forcing person(s) to protest for or against a political cause
  7. Influencing employees to
    1. register or vote for a political party
    2. refrain from registering or voting for a political party
    3. register or vote in any particular manner
    4. contribute or refrain others from contributing to any candidate, political party or political committee
    5. render or refrain others from rendering services to any candidate, political party or political committee
    6. challenge or refrain from challenging a person offering to vote
    7. apply or refrain from applying for an absentee ballot
    8. sign or refrain from signing a prospective petition or an initiative, referendum, recall or candidate nominating petition
    9. coerce person (s) to support or not support a referendum
    10. threat or effort to intimidate persons with respect to whether and how they choose to vote
    11. take any other action which forces or prohibits the person from exercising rights as a citizen of India

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