Edited Photo Of Woman Holding A Placard With Communal Claims Revived

The picture is from an anti-discrimination campaign in 2012, and has been revived to propagate communal disinformation

A photo of a woman carrying a placard against stereotyping of Muslims has been revived with a false claim that it says Hindus and Muslims can never be on peaceful terms.

This image is from 2012 from University of Mary Washington in the United States, and has been morphed with communal wordings.

The viral picture shows a woman holding a green placard with the words, "Till date, Shias and Sunnis have not been able to achieve brotherhood within Muslim. And some foolish Hindus think that Hindus and Muslims can be brothers". The text has been edited into the placard.

The image can be viewed below.

BOOM found this on the Twitter posts, that corroborated the tone of this image, and says that Hindus and Muslims cannot live peacefully or have a sense of brotherhood.


The text on the image is visibly morphed with the original placard poorly blurred out.

A reverse image search showed that the image dates dates back to 2012. It was part of an anti-discrimination campaign; one against stereotypes, on the campus of University of Mary Washington in Virginia.

The campaign has been documented through a blog post 'The Beauty of Islam'. "In March my university, the university of Mary Washington's Islamic Student Association was inspired to launch a campaign against stereotyping and judging", says the blog's poster.

The original image can be viewed below. The original placard says, "I am Muslim but I am not Arab", with the wordings, "Don't Stereotype Me - UMW ISA Camapaign"

The original image

BOOM has previously debunked this image when the same poster was morphed to show the same woman hold a poster in favour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This can be read here.

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Claim Review :   Picture shows a lady with a placard insinuating that Hindus and Muslims can never live in peace
Claimed By :  Twitter posts
Fact Check :  False
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