Photoshopped Pic Of A Muslim Woman Holding A Placard Supporting PM Modi Surfaces

A picture of a woman with a placard supporting Modi is actually from a campaign that took place in Virginia in 2012

A picture of a young woman wearing a hijab (headscarf) and holding a placard in support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is photoshopped.

The original photo was taken at the University of Mary Washington, and dates back to at least 2012.

The photoshopped image was posted on Facebook by one Satinder Mehra on a public group 'Pappu ke Rajnaitik Vyang'.

Here is the link to the post and the link to the archived version of the post.

The text on the placard in Hindi reads, "If Modi wanted to fill his own house, he could have done that just by being a CM. He loves the country, not the position." (Translated from Hindi text - मोदी को अपना घर भरना होता तो वह १३ साल गुजरात का CM रह कर भर लेता| उसे खुर्सी से नहीं, देश से प्रेम है १०० % सत्य )

The photoshopped image received 300 shares and attracted comments with many agreeing with the placard.

The logo of the Bharatiya Janata Party has been superimposed on the woman's jacket.

A Google reverse image search led us to the original image.

Google reverse image search results

The picture is part of a campaign against stereotypes on campus, that happened at the University of Mary Washington in Virginia. A blog by the name One Beauty Of Islam had posted all the pictures from the campaign and had written that, 'Mary Washington's Islamic Student Association was inspired to launch a campaign against stereotyping and judging.'

The original image has, "I'm a Muslim but I'm not Arab" written on it. The placard also has, "DON'T STEREOTYPE ME UMW INA CAMPAIGN" written in block letters.

AFP Factcheck also debunked the photoshopped picture.

Original image from the 2012 campaign

BOOM found that the same text has been on social media since 2017.

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