'Rahul Gandhi Se Azaadi': BJP Panelist's Video Revived Without Context

A video by BJP Delhi media panelist Nighat Abbass chanting 'Azaadi' from opposition leaders is viral without mentioning her political affiliation.

A video of Nighat Abbass, who describes herself as a media panelist for the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) Delhi wing, is viral on social media with misleading claims.

The video shows Abbass in a burqa chanting 'Azadi' or freedom, from various opposition party leaders.

The clip is viral on right-wing Facebook pages which make no mention in their posts that Abbass is affiliated with the party.

The Hindi caption accompanying the video translates to: "a new thing just happened, these people want freedom from Rahul Gandhi. Help shall be provided."

(Translated from Hindi: अबे नई चीज हो गई राहुल गांधी से आजादी चाहिए इन लोगों को 😂😂😂 इनकी मदद की जाए)

In the video, Abbass can be seen saying, "Bharat mata ki Jai, we will take freedom, freedom from Rahul Gandhi, freedom from Akhilesh, freedom from Maya [Mayavati] aunty, freedom from Mamata didi..."

(Translated from Hindi: भारत माता की जय, हम लेके रहेंगे आज़ादी, हम मिलकर लेंगे आज़ादी, राहुल गाँधी से आज़ादी, अखिलेश [यादव] से लेंगे आज़ादी, माया [मायावती] बुआ से आज़ादी, ममता दीदी से आज़ादी...)

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Archived versions can be accessed here and here.

The same video was also viral in May 2019.

Fact Check

BOOM had previously debunked another video of Nighat Abbass in May 2019 when a video recorded by her went viral as a 'Muslim woman slamming Arvind Kejriwal'.

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Nighat Abbass describes herself as a media panelist for BJP Delhi. An archived version of her Twitter handle can be seen here.

Although, viral posts do not mention her political affiliation, her Twitter profile states, "Media Panelist @bjp4delhi, Political Analyst, Runs a NGO, Public Speaker, Business Promotions and Marketing".

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The viral video was tweeted by her on May 7, 2019.

BOOM also found another video from May 2019 from her Facebook profile, where the BJP's candidate for Delhi election and MP Manoj Tiwari describes Abbass as 'BJP's TV spokesperson'.

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Claim Review :  Video shows a Muslim woman chanting azaadi from Rahul Gandhi
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