Jharkhand Police's Mock Drill Video Shared As Army Shooting At Kashmiri Protesters

BOOM found that the video is a mock drill conducted by Jharkhand Police In Khunti in November 2017.


A video showing men in uniform firing on protesters is being shared with the false claim that the video is from Kashmir.

In the 45-second video, one can hear people chanting 'fulfill our demands' after which security personnel shoot at them and an ambulance arrives later.

The video is being shared in the wake of the Indian government’s recent decision to scrap Article 370, that ensures special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

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The caption accompanied with the video reads, "Mr. Modi @narendramodi have a look yours Indian army opening fire on unarmed civilised #Kashmiris protesters. I must warn you, remember your army shall have to paid tremendous price once we can cross the #LOC any time you should"

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Using InVid, a video verification tool, we broke the video into key frames and performed a reverse image search and found a similar video which was uploaded on November 1, 2017 stating that it was a mock drill by Jharkhand's Khunti Police.

Additionally, the search results showed that the same video was previously viral with the false claim that it showed Madhya Pradesh police firing at farmers in Mandsaur. This claim was debunked by Alt News on July 11, 2018.

In this second video titled 'Jharkhand police KHUNTI (part of traning) REHEARSAL' uploaded on November 4, 2017, one can view the training exercise from a different angle. The video also shows the protesters chanting slogans.

On observing the video, one can confirm that it is a mock drill as people can be spotted recording the event on their mobile phones.

At the 0.50 timestamp one can also spot people walking past as the police is charging towards the protesters.

After shots are fired by the police at the 16 seconds timestamp, no blood spill or shot wounds can be spotted as the police put a protester on a stretcher.

Signboards of shops in the background can be spotted in Hindi, whereas shops in Kashmir mostly have signboards in Urdu.

Additionally in the viral video, one can spot 'Allahabad bank' at the seven seconds mark. Using Google Maps, we could locate the street on which the bank branch lies in Khunti, Jharkhand.

Google Maps

Claim Review :  Indian Army Opening Fire On Unarmed Civilians Kashmiris Protesters
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