'Fake Zomato' Cyber Fraud Case From Haryana Goes Viral With Misleading Claim

Viral posts claim that a Zomato delivery boy siphoned Rs 80,000 from a customer's bank account, and also made her phone number viral. BOOM found out that the crime was committed by cyber frauds and the matter in under investigation

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A portion of a news clip about a recent cyber fraud incident in Rohtak, Haryana where a university student was duped of Rs, 80,000 after she called a number fraudulently listed as a Zomato's customer helpline, has gone viral on social media targeting Zomato.

The video comes at a time when the food delivery app is already facing severe backlash from a large section of conservative Hindus on social media for standing up to a Hindu customer who cancelled an order from a restaurant as the delivery person was a Muslim.

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The two-minute long video shows a woman recounting the details of how the fraud took place.

"Ordering food on Zomato proves costly for this girl/ Lost rupees 80,000 from her account. Do you still want to order food from Zomato. #BoycottZomato," the text accompanying the video on Facebook claims.

(Hindi: ज़ोमैटो से खाना मँगाना पडा महँगा इस लडकी को खाते से 80000 गायब...और मंगाओ जोमैटो से खाना #BoycottZomato) |

Another claim viral with the same video reads 'Zomato boy circulates phone numbers of Hindu girls, siphons money from bank accounts. Brothers, be alert and #boycottzomato'.

(Hindi: जोमैटो ब्वॉय ने किया हिन्दू लड़कियों के नंबर वायरल और बैंक से पैसा भी गायब भी sbhi भाई सावधान #boycottzomato)

A voice over in the background, says, "Those ordering food through famous mobile apps like Zomato, be alert because you are on the radar of cyber criminals. The cyber criminals monitor these apps and the moment they get a chance, they will empty your accounts. Yes, something similar happened to Sakshi, a student of Maharishi Dayanand University in Haryana's Rohtak. Cyber criminals made away with Rs 80,000 from her account.

In the clip it is also claimed that a representative of Zomato was not very helpful when the woman approached the company seeking help. BOOM could not independently verify the same.

Later in the video, the girl recounts how the fraud unfolded. In order to cancel the order delivered to her, she called a number listed under Zomato's name on the internet. Turns out, the number belonged to cyber criminals who obtained the required details and siphoned off Rs 80,000 from her account.

You can watch the video below and view its archived version here.

The video has taken the social media by storm and has been shared by several Facebook pages and Twitter handles.

zomato video

zomato video

zomato video
Viral post

Fact Check

BOOM looked for the incident on internet with keywords 'Zomato fraud Rohtak' and found a longer version of the same video uploaded by ABP News.

In a longer version of the same video, it is clear that the number the victim had called for cancelling her order was that of cyber frauds and not the food delivery app. The video also warns viewers to be cautious while using food delivery apps like Zomato and other online services.

In the clip it appears a representative of Zomato was not very helpful when the woman approached the company to seeking help. BOOM could not independently verify the same.

BOOM also called the Rohtak police to get more information on the incident. Station In-charge of Gandhi Camp police station told us that the case is under investigation.

"This is a cyber crime. We are still investigating the matter and have summoned the area manager of Zomato. He has assured total cooperation" -- Station In-charge, Gandhi Dham police station

The SI also told BOOM that the delivery boy was not arrested since the girl had dialed a number she had found on internet.

Despite multiple efforts to contact them, Zomato did not respond to BOOM's queries.

The company is being targeted with fake posts on social media for its stance.

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