CAA Protests: 2013 Video Shared As Delhi Police Brutality On Female Protestor

The video shows a police official slapping a woman protesting against the rape of a minor.

A six-year-old video of Delhi Police slapping a teenager is being shared with a false claim that it shows the recent instance of police brutality on students protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

The video is originally from April 2013 where the police officer was seen beating a minor girl, protesting against the rape of a five-year-old in Delhi.

The 2.27 minute video shows a group of policemen arguing with two girls and within a few minutes one of the girls is slapped by an officer. It is being shared as "Sameful delhi police, #IndiaAgainstNRC". The video is being shared amid the nationwide protests against the Citizen Amendment Act. These protests have led to a reported 25 deaths due to alleged police brutality till December 26. Five of these were reported from Assam, two from Mangaluru and 18 from Uttar Pradesh

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BOOM found that the viral video is originally from 2013. An NDTV logo is seen in the top right corner of the video. Using this information and the stills from this video, we did a YouTube search using the terms 'ndtv+police+inspector+slapping+protestor' to find the original clipping.

The 2:27 video clipping was posted by NDTV on the channel's official Youtube page on April 19, 2013.

According to news reports, the video shows a group of protestors gathered at the Swami Dayanand Hospital where a 5 year old rape survivor was admitted.

Assistant Commissioner BS Ahlawat was suspended from duty for slapping the 17-year-old who was protesting along with other women after the victim's father revealed that he had been bribed by the police to hush up the case. The protester allegedly suffered an ear injury after she was assaulted.

According to the Times of India, the Aam Aadmi Party had led these protests as they opposed the idea of taking the victim to Swami Dayananad Hospital which they felt was not well equipped to handle the case of the child. The protesters were at the hospital when the then Congress health minister AK Walia and MP Sandeep Dikshit were visiting the family of the the victim.

The five-year-old minor girl was abducted by her neighbour and subjected to continuous sexual assault. She was shifted from Dayanand Hospital to All India Institute of Medical Sciences on the same night of the protests at Dayanand Hospital.

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