Did A Man Put Pie In The Face Of Qantas CEO Over Forced Covid Jabs?

BOOM found that the video is from May 2017 and has nothing to do with Covid vaccinations, as claimed in viral posts.

An old video showing a man smear a pie in the face of Alan Joyce, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Qantas Airways, is being shared on social media with captions claiming that Joyce was attacked for making COVID-19 jab mandatory during air-travel.

BOOM found that the viral video is from 2017 and the claims made with it are unrelated.

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On November 23, 2020 BBC reported that Alan Joyce, CEO of Australian airlines Qantas Airways Ltd had said that vaccination would be mandatory for flying.

The 19-second-long clip of Australian broadcaster 7 News shows a man entering from behind while Joyce is delivering his speech. The man then smashes a pie on Joyce's face and leaves.

The video has been shared on Twitter with a caption reading 'Man puts pie in the face of airline CEO over forced Jabs'.

Click here to watch the video and here for an archived link.

The same video was uploaded on YouTube on February 8, 2022 with a title reading 'Australian Airline CEO Announcing Vaccine Mandates Gets a Pie in the Face'.

The video has been shared on Facebook with similar claims. Click here and here to view the post.

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Fact Check

BOOM ran a keyword search with 'Pie on CEO's Face' and found several news reports about this incident from 2017.

According to an article published in NBC News on May 10, 2017 titled 'Qantas CEO Gets Pie in Face From Gay Marriage Opponent', a man named Tony Overheu had pressed the pie in Alan Joyce's face while he was addressing people in a hotel in Perth, Australia.

The article further mentioned that Joyce, along with 30 chief executives of top Australian companies, had written a letter to then Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull calling for the Parliament to legalize same-sex marriage.

Australian Broadcaster 7 News Brisbane also posted the same video on its Facebook page on May 9, 2017.

7 News Perth also reported the incident saying the man who smashed pie in the face of Qantas CEO Alan Joyce claimed he was protesting against the airline's support for gay marriages.

The Guardian reported on July 7, 2017 that Overheu, the 67-year-old Perth-based man who put pie on Joyce's face, had pleaded guilty.

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Claim :   Video shows a man smashes pie in the face of airline CEO over forced Jabs
Claimed By :  Facebook Posts, YouTube & Twitter
Fact Check :  False
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