Man Murders Daughters In Rajasthan, Incident Viral With Communal Spin

BOOM spoke to Ajmer Police who denied any communal angle to the incident stating that it was a domestic quarrel that led to the accused killing his daughters and injuring his wife.

A set of graphic videos showing a woman and children lying in a pool of blood and a man sitting nearby with bloodied hands is being shared with misleading captions claiming that the man's name is Ajmal Khan and he had murdered a Hindu family when they refused to marry their daughter to him.

BOOM found that the viral video is from Ajmer, Rajasthan and the caption accompanying it is false. The man seen in the video - Ajit Cheeta (30) - had stabbed his two daughters to death and injured his wife over a domestic quarrel. We spoke to Ajmer Police who told us that the accused is a Muslim from the Cheetah community of Rajasthan but there is no communal angle to the incident.

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The graphic video is being shared with a caption which translates to 'A Muslim man went out of control in Rajasthan. Ajmal Khan liked a girl from a Hindu family and went to her house with a proposal. The girl's father threatened and chased him away, saying you are Muslim, we are Hindu and we will not do this. Later, Ajmal Khan went to the home with weapons and killed all the family members of the Hindu family. And the Hindu neighbors just watched. Later, some people caught him and handed over to the police'.

(Hindi: राज्यस्थान मे एक मुस्लिम हुआ बेकाबू...अजमल खान को एक हिन्दु परिवार की लड़की पसंद आ गई और वो शादी करने के लिए पहुचा उसके घर रिश्ता ले के फिर लड़की के बाप ने उसे धमका के भगा दिया कहा तुम मुस्लिम हम हिन्दु हे और हम ये गलत काम नहीं करेंगे फिर अजमल खान अगले दिन गया हथियार लेके फिर उस हिन्दु परिवार के सारे लोगो को मार आया और अड़ोसी पङोसी के हिंदू बस तमाशा देखते रहे फिर कुछ ने उस मुल्ले को पकड़ा और पुलिस के हवाले किया)

BOOM has not included the video due to its graphic nature.

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On searching with specific keywords, we found that the graphic videos are from Ajmer, Rajasthan, where a man called Ajit Cheeta (30) had stabbed his two daughters to death and injured his wife Kavita (27) and himself after a quarrel.

Times of India reported on July 14, 2021, that the incident occurred in Beawar town in Ajmer and the accused had a quarrel with his wife Kavita on the night of July 13. The next day he consumed liquor and attacked her with a knife and when his daughters screamed for help, he stabbed them to death injuring himself in the process.

BOOM then contacted Beawar Sadar police station, Ajmer, for more information. A police personnel refuted the viral claims that the incident had a communal angle.

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"The accused Ajit Cheeta was going through a financial crisis and the couple was having quarrels. His wife had recently had a hysterectomy surgery and was bedridden and he was having quarrels with her over household chores. On July 14, he attacked her and killed his daughters," the police told BOOM.

"He is a Muslim from the Cheetah community, however, there is no communal angle to the incident. He told us that he was going through a financial crisis as he was unemployed and after his wife's operation, he had to also do the household chores and after a quarrel, in anger, he attacked his wife and children," added the police.

Cheetah Mehrat is a community in Rajasthan that has followers of both Hindu and Muslim faith in the same family. Read here.

The Ajmer police had also put out a statement regarding the incident stating that it occurred on July 14, 2021, and stating that both the daughters succumbed to their injuries and his wife Kavita is admitted in Beawar hospital along with Cheeta, who is under police supervision.

The statement further said that Kavita's paternal family was informed about the incident but they refused to visit her. The family has been upset with Kavita for over 10 years over her decision to marry Ajit.

We also found a news report by Patrika with the photo of the accused which matched the man in the viral video. Patrika reported that Ajit was depressed due to unemployment and felt burdened with household chores after Kavita's operation. The report further adds that Ajit was also depressed as he could not have any more children and wanted a son.

Claim :   Video claims Ajmal Khan murdered a Hindu family for refusing his offer to marry their daughter
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