No, Putin Did Not Say Gilgit-Baltistan Should Be Part Of India

BOOM found that the subtitles added to the viral video of Vladimir Putin are fake and Putin did not mention Imran Khan, Pakistan, or Gilgit-Baltistan in his original speech.

A viral video of Vladimir Putin speaking in Russian with English subtitles claiming the Russian president said Gilgit-Baltistan belongs to India and not Pakistan, is fake. The English subtitles added to the video are fabricated.

BOOM found that the English subtitles are false and in his original speech, Putin makes no mention either of Pakistan, Imran Khan, or Gilgit-Baltistan.

Gilgit-Baltistan is a region administered by Pakistan which constitutes the northern portion of the Kashmir region which is disputed by India and Pakistan. India claims that the Gilgit - Baltistan region comes under the state of Jammu and Kashmir and opposed Pakistan's decision to elevate it to that of a fullfledged province.

The viral video was tweeted by Gurumurthy with the caption, "A must listen video on how Putin dismissed Imran Khan. Serious. Hilarious too."

The subtitles with the video quote Putin saying, "I clarified during my speech at UNSC that Gilgit Baltistan should be part of India, Russia does not support Pakistani initiative to create Gilgit as a provisional province. PM Imran Khan came to Moscow to convince me on the issue... "

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BOOM has previously debunked misinformation tweeted by Gurumurty

Gurumuthy later tweeted saying, "Many took it seriously. It is hilarious"

The video is being widely shared on Facebook with the false claim. The caption when translated from Hindi reads, "India's court broker Media will not show you this.. Putin called PoJKL a part of India. President Putin announced the use of Vito in the Security Council on the issue of Gilgit province. The Russian cabinet condemned the BAP for the Senate resolution on Gilgit province. Asked Pakistan to withdraw the offer and hand over Gilgit to India."

(भारत की दरबारी दलाल Media आपको ये नहीं दिखायेगी.. पुतिन ने PoJKL को भारत का हिस्सा बताया। राष्ट्रपति पुतिन ने गिलगिट प्रांत के मुद्दे पर सिक्योरिटी काउंसिल में Vito इस्तेमाल करने की घोषणा की। रूसी मंत्रिमंडल ने गिलगित प्रांत पर सीनेट प्रस्ताव के लिए BAP की निंदा की। पाकिस्तान को प्रस्ताव वापस लेने और गिलगित को भारत को सौंपने को कहा।)

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BOOM found that the subtitles in the viral video are false and in the original speech on February 28, 2021, Russian President Vladimir Putin is ordering his defense chiefs to put "deterrence forces" on high alert while accusing the West of taking 'unfriendly' steps after Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

We found replies to the tweet of S Gurumurthy stating that the subtitles of the tweet have been altered while referencing an AFP News agency footage with Russian subtitles.

We even checked the Russian translation of his speech by other International media outlets and found that Putin's speech was on 'deterrence' forces after facing Western sanctions. There is no mention of Pakistan or Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan.

One can view the speech with English subtitles below.

Even the Russian state controlled media outlet Russia Today while transcribing his speech does not report on any mention of Pakistan or Gilgit-Baltistan. One can view the speech with English subtitles by RT below.

Claim :   Video shows Vladimir Putin criticising Pakistan PM Imran Khan and saying that Gilgit-Baltistan should be part of India
Claimed By :  S Gurumurthy, Social Media
Fact Check :  False
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