Video Of A Man Telling An Anchor He Has 15 Children Is From Pakistan

BOOM found that the viral video has been picked up from a Pakistani YouTube channel report and is being shared with misleading claims on Indian social media

A video from Pakistan showing a woman reporter asking a Muslim couple how many children they have to which the husband responds that they got 15 children, is being shared on Indian social media with communal spin targeting Muslims in India.

In the viral video, the anchor can be seen standing around a group of children and the couple while asking the man how many children they have to which he responds saying he has 15 children.

The clip is being shared by several right wing Hindu Facebook users.

"Will there be a job in a few years, even a place to set foot in the country? Don't give angry reaction anyone," one of the captions with the video claims.

(Original text in Hindi - कुछ सालों में नौकरी तो क्या देश में पैर रखने की भी जगह नहीं मिलेगी, एंग्री रिएक्शन मत देना कोई भी)

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The same video is being shared widely on Facebook with the misleading claim.

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On viewing the video, we spotted the logo - 'Leader TV HD' on the lower left side. Taking a hint from this we then searched with the same name and found a Facebook page that had posted the video on April 11, 2022.

The caption with the video was posted in Urdu which when translated read, "Why do those who live in slums have more children?...."

We also found that this page has a YouTube channel with the same name 'Leader TV Hd' and also directs the user to its website - ''. All .pk domain names are mostly of Pakistani websites.

On viewing the about section of the YouTube channel, it states its location as Pakistan, which confirms that the YouTube channel is a Pakistani based channel.

Additionally, we also checked the Facebook account of the anchor - Anee Faisal, who is present in the video. Faisal on her account states that she is a journalist from Lahore, Pakistan

Claim :   Video from India shows a Muslim man saying that he has 15 children
Claimed By :  Facebook Posts
Fact Check :  Misleading
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