2018 Photo Of Woman With Oxygen Cylinder Falsely Shared As Recent

The viral photo is from April 2018 when a man was allegedly made to wait for an ambulance while carrying oxygen cylinder attached to his ailing mother in Agra.

A 2018 photo from Agra, Uttar Pradesh showing an old woman sitting on the street with an oxygen cylinder is being falsely shared as recent.

The photo is being shared in the backdrop of an alarming surge of COVID-19 cases in the country and a reported shortage of oxygen cylinders for covid patients.

The viral photo was tweeted by All India Trinamool Congress's Banglar Gorbo Mamata Twitter handle with the caption when translated, "What is the crime of this mother Modiji?"

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(In Bangla - এই মায়ের কি অপরাধ মোদীজি?)

Viral on Twitter

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BOOM found that the viral photo is from Agra, Uttar Pradesh from an incident on April 7, 2018, when a man was allegedly made to wait for an ambulance at Agra Medical College, while carrying an oxygen cylinder attached to his ailing mother.

On taking a hint from the replies to the viral image stating that it is old, we performed a relevant keyword search on Google. The search results showed news reports on the incident which stated that the man had to wait for an ambulance for his mother who had her oxygen mask on, while her son was standing next to her holding her.

One can watch a news report on the incident uploaded on April 7, 2018, by The Times Of India on YouTube with the caption, "Agra: Man awaits ambulance while carrying mother's oxygen cylinders on shoulder"

The same woman can be spotted in the visuals in the news report with the same oxygen cylinder.

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Claim Review :   Recent photo of an old woman with an oxygen cylinder on the street
Claimed By :  Banglar Gorbo Mamata
Fact Check :  False
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