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Piyush Goyal Apologises For Using Stock Photo To Highlight Govt’s LED Lighting Achievement

Piyush Goyal Apologises For Using Stock Photo To Highlight Govt’s LED Lighting Achievement

Piyush Goyal’s tweet about the illuminated 50,000 KM of Indian roads caught a lot of attention after which twitteratis called him out.

Piyush Goyal, Minister of State with independent charge for power, coal, energy and mines  shared a tweet on August 20th that talked about the achievement of the government’s Street Lighting National Programme (SLNP).
The tweet said that the government has illuminated 50,000 km of Indian roads by retrofitting 30 lakh conventional street lights with LED lights.
While the achievement in itself is praiseworthy, there was one problem. The tweet was accompanied  with a picture that looked suspect.



While several Twitter users claimed the image to be from Russia, a simple Google search shows that this image has been used by several websites including from Pakistan, claiming installation of LED lights.

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SM Hoax Slayer, a Twitter handle that calls out fake images on social media pointed it out to the minister, following which another user pointed out how the BJP has used a wrong image in the past as well



While in the past, BJP members have either quietly deleted their tweets or refused to apologise,  this time Piyush Goyal acknowledged his mistake and deleted his tweet.



It cannot be denied that BJP ministers and spokespersons are very social media savvy but have also faced flak for wrong images and posts on social media.


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