Old Video From Gujarat Shared Falsely As Rohingya & Bangladeshi Refugees Heckling BJP Workers

Viral post claims that the video was shot in West Bengal. However, the same clip was earlier tweeted by Dalit leader Jignesh Mewani in 2017 claiming it to be from Gujarat

bjp rally gujarat

An old video showing Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) workers being heckled by a crowd in Gujarat is being shared with a false claim that the video was shot in a ghetto of Rohingyas and Bangladeshi refugees in West Bengal.

The video shows BJP workers on motorcycles make their way through a narrow and crowded lane. A boisterous crowd flanking them on both sides can be seen heckling them by hooting and pulling their party caps and flag.

A caption with the viral video reads, "If you don't vote for the Bharatiya Janta Party in the 2019 election, this incident will be replicated all over India. When the BJP workers were crossing a ghetto of Rohingyas and Bangladeshi refugees in West Bengal, they were jostled in this way."

(Hindi: 2019 के लोकसभा चुनाव में अगर भारतीय जनता पार्टी का समर्थन नहीं दिया तो यह घटना पूरे भारत में जल्दी देखने को मिलेगा | पश्चिम बंगाल मे रोहिंग्या और बांग्लादेशी रिफ्यूजी के बस्तियों से जब भाजपा कार्यकर्ता गुजर रहे थे तब वहां के रहने वाले रोहिंग्या मुसलमान और बांग्लादेशी उनके साथ ऐसा सलूक कर रहे थे |)

bjp rally in gujarat
Viral video

The viral post can be seen here and its archived version can be accessed here.

The video has been revived and shared by numerous pages on Facebook.

bjp rally viral on facebook
bjp rally viral on facebook
bjp rally viral on fb

Fact Check

An immediate giveaway that the video is not from Bengal are the voices heard in the background. They are distinctly non-Bengali.

BOOM then ran a reverse image search on the video and found that the same clip was tweeted by Dalit leader Jignesh Mewani on December 8, 2017.

The Dalit leader, in his tweet, stated that the video was from Gujarat.

BOOM then searched with the keywords 'BJP Gujarat rally'. As we filtered the time settings to 2017, we found the same video published by ABP Asmita on December 7, 2017.

The video was earlier debunked by Alt News.

The same video carried on ABP Asmita

Claim Review :   Video claims Rohingyas and Bangladeshi refugees mistreated BJP workers in west bengal
Claimed By :  Facebook pages
Fact Check :  FALSE
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