Morphed NDTV India Headline Used To Target SRK About Burj Khalifa Birthday Greeting

BOOM reached out to Emaar who told us the display on the Burj Khalifa was not a paid event.
Shahrukh Khan-Birthday-Burj Khalifa

A screenshot of a NDTV India headline claiming actor Shah Rukh Khan owes Dubai's Burj Khalifa 2 crore rupees for a birthday greeting displayed on the building's facade, is false.

The screenshot of the headline has been morphed by changing its text.

Shah Rukh Khan celebrated his 54th birthday on November 2, 2019. Among the actor's many fans wishing him Dubai's Emaar Properties organised a light display on its iconic Burj Khalifa skyscraper.

'Happy birthday to the king of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan' was illuminated on the Burj Khalifa followed by a fountain show.

The actor even tweeted a video of the same.

But as the video went viral several posts spreading misinformation cropped up.

The posts in Hindi translate to, "in two crores he got his name written on the Burj Khalifa but when it came to paying, Shah Rukh Khan did not receive any calls."

(Hindi: "2 करोड़ में लिखवाया बुर्ज खलीफा पर अपना नाम, पैसे देने की बारी आयी, अब फ़ोन नहीं रिसीव कर रहे शाह रुख खान")


BOOM used a keyword search on NDTV India's official website and found that the news organization had published several articles on Khan's birthday.

The original article, the headline of which had been morphed, was published on November 3, 2019.

The original headline is: "Burj Khalifa was being painted in Shah Rukh Khan's shade, a huge crowd witnessed the event... watch viral video"

NDTV India's original article
Article with original headline

BOOM also reached out to Emaar Group, the real estate developer responsible for organising the light show.

"The display of birthday greeting on Burj Khalifa for Shah Rukh Khan was not a paid event"- Chandni Jayakumar Chugh, Emaar told BOOM.

BOOM has also compared the viral screenshot with the original article. We found several discrepancies in the font and spacing.

Above: Fake headline; Below: Original headline
Original NDTV

In the above two photos, one can see the difference in the Hindi alphabets such as 'ख' and 'ब'. We looked for several NDTV India articles and found that the organization does not use 'Purna Viraam' (|) in their headlines.

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Claim Review :  Shah Rukh Khan owes Dubais Burj Khalifa 2 crore rupees for a birthday display
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