Madhu Kishwar Does It Again; Tweets Old Video Of Rahul Gandhi With Misleading Context

BOOM found that the video was old dating back to April 24, 2019, during the Lok Sabha polls.


Madhu Kishwar tweeted on Friday an old video of a candid Rahul Gandhi eating a samosa onboard a helicopter, with a false claim that the video was recent and that it shows the MP from Wayanad surveying a flood affected region in Kerala.

The tweet reads, "Fun Watch--Wayanad MP's aerial survey of flood affected areas in Kerala."

Rahul Gandhi eating samosas
Madhu Kishwar's Tweet

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The tweet had gained around 416 retweets and 749 likes at the time of writing the article. Several Twitter users pointed out to Kishwar that the video was old.

In the 30 seconds video one can spot Gandhi eating a samosa onboard a helicopter.

Rahul Gandhi is a Member of Parliament (MP) from Wayanad constituency in Kerala which has been battered by flood and landslides after receiving heavy rainfall.

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BOOM searched with the keywords, 'Rahul Gandhi eating samosas' on Google search and found that the video was old dating back to April 24, 2019.

ABP news article
ABP news article

ABP News had a article with the video dated April 24, 2019, which when translates reads, "In view of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi is campaigning vigorously for the victory of the Congress party for the victory. On Tuesday, he held a rally in Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh. During the election campaign, he ate Famous Samosas of Shahdol in his helicopter."

We also found the same video uploaded on YouTube and Facebook dated April 24, 2019, during the Lok Sabha elections.

Gandhi had recently visited Wayanad and had tweeted about his visit.

Kishwar has been routinely called out for sharing misinformation (click here, here)

Claim Review :  Rahul Gandhi Eating Samosas While Doing A Aerial Survey Of Flood Affected Areas In Kerala
Claimed By :  Madhu Kishwar
Fact Check :  FALSE
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