Honda Giving Activas For Diwali? Don't Get Taken For A Ride By This WhatsApp Forward

A fake giveaway is viral on Whatsapp, apparently by Honda, who joins Cadbury and Amazon in being targeted by WhatsApp forwards that state these companies are giving free gifts
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A viral Whatsapp forward, stating that motorcycle company Honda India is giving free scooters for Diwali is fake, as the link provided in the message redirects users to a website that is not officially one of Honda motorcycle.

The Whatsapp forward has reached BOOM multiple times on its Whatsapp helpline (7700906111).

The message carries a claim that Honda is giving 300 of its Activa 5G scooters for free on the occasion of Diwali, which fell on October 27 this year.

Activa is a popular scooter, which recently regained its status as the top selling two-wheeler brand in India.

Users on Twitter too were questioning Honda motorcycles about this tweet, carrying the same link as in the Whatsapp message.

When a user clicks on provided link on a phone, the following page opens up. It carries the URL ''

Then, users are asked to select their colour of preference, and how they came to know of the message. Finally, the website does "grant" a scooter with a promise of delivery in two days on the condition that the message be forwarded to twenty more people on WhatsApp.

If the same website is accessed on a desktop, a user is redirected to another shady website ''.

Both these URLs are much unlike the official website of Honda's website, which is

BOOM contacted a spokesperson of Honda, who declined to provide a comment.

This is the latest the latest in a line of supposed giveaways being made by top brands. Only recently, BOOM has debunked fake promises of free gifts by chocolate-maker Cadbury and Amazon that were circulating in a similar manner on Whatasapp.

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Claim Review :   Honda is giving 300 Activa scooters for Diwali
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