Video Of Remote Controlled Turbine Jet Performing Stunts Shared As Rafale

BOOM found that the video is of a remote controlled Turbine Jet F-16 QQ and not an actual fighter jet.


A video of a remote controlled turbine jet performing stunts is doing the rounds on social media with claims that it is one of the Rafale jets, that was recently procured by India. This video is viral in the context of the first batch of Rafale fighter jets that got inducted into the Indian Air Force(IAF) at the Ambala Airforce Airbase on July 29. The video shows the plane doing different types of stunts in the air on a runway.


BOOM did a reverse image search on a few frames and found that the aircraft is a remote controlled turbine jet F-16 QQ which can be ordered online. The same video was found on YouTube dated August,2016 by Flex Innovations. The video has the same frame where a man can be seen entering at 2:02 who is probably controlling the jet with a remote. Searching with keyword 'F-16' on Google, we found Flex Innovations' website which is an aircraft control building company and the same aircraft as seen in the video was in their product list. It is a turbine jet modified by one of the founders of Flex Innovations, Quique Somenzini. BOOM has previously debunked the same video with a similar viral claim in 2018.

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Updated On: 2020-08-12T12:56:13+05:30
Claim Review :   Video of Rafale fighter jet performing stunts in the air
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