Same Elderly Woman In All Congress Photo-Ops? A FactCheck

BOOM has debunked the same images on different occasions to show that the women in these photographs are not the same person.


A set of four photos shared with a caption 'wherever a poor old woman is needed, Congress brings her'. (Hindi: जहाँ भी गरीब बुढ़िया की जरूरत हो कांग्रेस इसको ले आती है |)


A set of four photos - three showing elderly women embracing politicians and the fourth showing an old woman blessing former Madhya Pradesh CM Kamalnath - has been shared with a false claim that the women are all the same. BOOM had previously fact checked a set of three images of old women sharing space with Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Shashi Tharoor, and BJP leader K Surendran. We found that they had distinctly different facial features. The photo of an old woman with Kamalnath, however, was earlier viral with a different claim and is a recent addition to the misinformation.

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Claim Review :   Viral post claims that Congress part uses the same old woman in all its photo-ops
Claimed By :  Facebook pages
Fact Check :  False
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