No, This Video Does Not Show People Standing On Ram Setu Bridge

BOOM had previously debunked the video in October 2018 when many claimed that the sand bed was the Ram Setu.


A video showing people walking on a strip of land with the sea on either sides is viral on social media with many claiming it is the Ram Setu, a bridge which is said to have been built by Hindu deity Ram to go to Lanka and fight another deity Ravana. "People standing on Ram Setu (near Dhanushkodi, Tamil Nadu) in the middle of Indian Ocean........please keep your cell phone in horizontal mode to enjoy this beautiful video !!" The post claims that the video shows the Ram Setu in the Indian Ocean near Dhanushkodi, Tamil Nadu.


BOOM had in 2018 debunked the same claim and found that the video was from Kerala and shows a sand bed. The video is shot by a photographer and videographer who had then told BOOM that the video shows a sand bar in Ponnani beach and is not the Ram Setu near Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu. We had also reached out to Anwar Sadath, Tehsildar (Revenue office), Ponnani Taluk who told us that the stretch was not solid land but a sand bed and added that the phenomena is not rare and happens every year.

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Claim Review :   Video showing people standing on Ram Setu in Tamil Nadu in the middle of the sea.
Claimed By :  Twitter post
Fact Check :  False
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