Kanhaiya Kumar Converts To Islam? No, Doctored Video Revived

Kanhaiya was quoting a 1947 speech by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad.


A viral edited video claiming Kanhaiya Kumar has converted to Islam has been revived. The video is viral with the claim, "Kanhaiya Kumar, at a closed door meeting, proclaiming his conversion to Islam , since it is a religion of peace and truth."


BOOM found that video is a compilation of three separate clips from a August 2018 speech by Kanhaiya Kumar. The viral clip aims to show Kanhaiya praising Islam and how he has converted because of its qualities. An analysis of the video shows jump cuts at two places. We found the original clip from Kanhaiya's talk on Islamophobia held in Maharashtra. BOOM found that Kanhaiya was not talking about Islam as his faith, but loosely quoting freedom Maulana Abul Kalam Azad's 1947 speech about his view of Islam. The doctored clip was also tweeted by Vivek Agnihotri in 2018, and revived again last year. Read the fact check here:

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Updated On: 2020-01-17T21:59:09+05:30
Claim Review :   Video claiming Kanhaiya Kumar has converted to Islam.
Claimed By :  Twitter posts
Fact Check :  False
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