Edited UP Police Video Warning Against Child Kidnapping Rumours Revived

BOOM found that the audio of the clip has been tampered with and police warn people against believing in rumours in the original video.


Gorakhpur Police, in a video, warned about a gang of organ harvesters who are on the prowl disguised as beggars and scrap dealers. More than 500 organ traders have been found to be operating.


The audio of the video has been doctored with to claim that the police is warning against a gang. In the original video, Additional SP (City) Gorakhpur Dr Kaustubh asks citizens not to believe in rumours and messages of organ traders and child kidnappers shared on WhatsApp. The audio has been replaced with a Hindi voiceover which says that 500 organ traders disguised as beggars are on the prowl. BOOM had earlier debunked the claim in September 2019.

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