2019 Video Of BJP Leaders Fighting In UP Revived With False Claim

BOOM found that the incident happened in the Collectorate Auditorium at Sant Kabir Nagar, outskirts of Lucknow on March 5, 2019.


A viral video from Uttar Pradesh, showing BJP leaders thrashing each other with shoes over missing names on foundation stone in local road project has been revived on social media with a false claim. The Facebook post originally composed in Bangla reads as, “In a ministerial meet in India, BJP leader was thrashed with shoes for speaking on behalf of Modi.” (Original text in Bangla: ভারতে মন্ত্রী সভার বৈঠকে মোদির পক্ষে কথা বলায় বিজেপির সদস্যকে জুতা পেটা)


BOOM found that the event took place at the Collectorate Auditorium at Sant Kabir Nagar, nearly 200 km from Lucknow on March 5, 2019. The District Planning Committee of Sant Kabir Nagar had called for a meeting to discuss some projects at the district headquarters. An argument ensued between Lok Sabha MP Sharad Tripathi and MLA Rakesh Singh Baghel, both from the BJP, when Tripathi expressed his displeasure at his name missing from a foundation stone for a local road. After Baghel responded that it was his decision, Tripathi made his way towards Baghel, removing his shoe and began to hit the MLA with it. The scuffle intensified when Baghel got up and struck back at the MP. Only after the intervention of other party members and a policeman did the brawl break away.

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Updated On: 2021-04-09T16:00:21+05:30
Claim Review :   Video BJP leader was thrashed by shoes for talking behalf of Modi in a ministerial meet in India
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