Viral Video Showing Fake ₹2000 Notes Racket Is Not From India

BOOM found that the fake currency racket was busted in Sabujhbagh, Dhaka in February this year

A video showing a team of Bangladeshi police personnel busting a gang involved in counterfeiting Indian currency has been shared on social media with captions suggesting the incident took place in India.

BOOM found that the counterfeit currency making gang was busted by the Dhaka Metropolitan Detective police, Bangladesh, in February this year.

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The viral video shows a group of men displaying different stages of counterfeiting while they are recorded on camera. Currency notes of denomination Rs 2000 and Rs 500 can be seen all around them. Towards the end of the video, a man can be seen addressing media persons in Bangla.

He says, "We have found Rs 49 lakh fake rupees primarily. We have found heater, computer, lamination machine, adhesive, dye. Its a kind of mini machine." The video has been overlaid with background music.

A Hindi caption with the viral post translates to 'How will the country develop. There are criminals sitting here. Fake currency is being prepared. See, a huge cache has been unearthed'.

(Hindi: देश कैसे आगे बड़े साले डकैत बैठे हैं, जाली नोटों को तैयार किया जा रहा है कितना बड़ा जख़ीरा पकड़ा गया है

Watch the viral video below and check archived versions here and here.

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Fact Check

BOOM did a reverse image search on one of the screenshots from the viral clip and found that the same video had been uploaded on some YouTube channels. Also, the logo of Jamuna TV can be clearly seen on the mic held by the reporter who appears towards the end of the viral video.

We found the same video uploaded on the YouTube channel of Somoy TV, a Dhaka-based 24-hour Bengali television channel.The video, uploaded on February 16, 2020, has a Bangla caption which translates to 'Caught in the act of making Indian currency! | Fake Note | Somoy TV'.

(Bangla: ভারতীয় জালমূদ্রা তৈরির সময় হাতেনাতে ধরা ! | Fake Note | Somoy TV)

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According to the report, the Detective and Criminal Intelligence Division of Dhaka Metropoliton Police had arrested 8 people from Bashabo-Kadamtala, Dhaka. The news report mentioned that the kingpin had been identified as Bashirullah and counterfeit Indian currencies of the denomination of Rs 2000 and Rs 500 were seized along with currency making tools

The report further mentions that Chapainawabganj border was used to smuggle the notes.

BOOM also found a news report published in Bangladeshi daily Pratidin which mentions about the incident. The report published on February 16 earlier this year says that 8 people had been arrested in connection with the case with Rs 49 lakh fake Indian currency and fake currency making tools.

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