Video Of Marital Dispute Mediation Viral With Fake 'Love Jihad' Claim

BOOM found that the video shows a woman trying to resolve a marital dispute and is not connected with an inter-faith marriage.

A two-year-old video showing a woman trying to resolve a marital dispute between a Muslim couple has been clipped and peddled with a fake claim of 'love jihad'.

BOOM found that the viral video has been culled from a 2018 video and shows a family dispute mediation by Shabnam Shaikh, who calls herself an activist.

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The minute-long video shows a woman talking to a man, patiently at first, and later flying into a fit of rage. The woman can be heard telling the man in Hindi that he has used a girl and ruined her life by making her pregnant. Towards the end of the video, she can be heard telling the man to fight the case in court.

BOOM has decided not to include the viral clip on account of strong language heard in the video. The video can be viewed here and its archived version can be accessed here.

A caption with the viral video reads 'Salute to this Lady. Perfectly explaining the meaning of #LoveJihad. Their aim is to increase their population. Hindu Girls be aware about it'.

Note: Viewers discretion advised

The video is also viral with a similar Hindi caption.

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Fact Check

Reverse image search on several screenshots from the viral clip led us to a quote tweet from December 11, 2020 which had shared the same video.

The tweet reads 'ये तड़ी पार अभी भी एक्टिव है।Who gave her the authority to conduct nd record these so called mediations. And I wonder why people go to such a useless street level Gunda . It simply means people do not have trust in @MumbaiPolice tats why they go to these dons instead of police'.

The original tweet with this quote-tweet also includes a video and mentions the name of Shabnam Shaikh.

Taking cue from the tweet, BOOM searched YouTube and found a channel in the name of Shabnam Shaikh. The channel had several similar video wherein the same woman can be seen discussing issues while sitting in an office like space.

BOOM also found a longer version of the now-viral clip uploaded on Shaikh's channel on September 20, 2018 under the title 'shabnam shaikh helping 27 june'.

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The nearly 30-minute-long video shows Shabnam Shaikh interacting with a Muslim family sitting across her table. The viral clip appears towards the end of the video at the timestamp of 27.27.

In the video, one can hears Shabnam Shaikh saying 'A woman with a month-old child is in a very miserable condition. The woman - Fatima Imran Qadri - is sitting with me right now. Fatima, child, tell me what is your problem'.

To this, Fatima replies claiming that her in-laws had sent her off to her home for delivery and later refused to call her back. At this point, Shabnab Shaikh addresses the man - Fatima's husband - as Imran.

While the viral video shows three person including Shabnam Shaikh, in the original video one can see several people sitting in what looks like an office space.

BOOM watched the full video and found that Shaikh tries to convince the man and his family to take the woman back. However, towards the end of the video, she loses her cool and takes a harsh tone towards the Imran asking him to get out.

We also compares some screenshots from the viral video with that of the 2018-YouTube video and found them to be one and same.

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BOOM checked the About Us section of Shaikh's YouTube channel and found a contact number. However, she was not reachable on the number provided there.

We also traced several pages of Help Care Foundation, an NGO that Shabnam runs, on Facebook but none of the numbers provided therein were operational.

BOOM was unable to independently verify what was going on in the video. However, the original video shows that the issue is related to marital discord and not an inter-faith marriage.

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Claim :   Salute to this Lady. Perfectly explaining the meaning of #LoveJihad. Their aim is to increase their population. Hindu Girls be aware about it.
Claimed By :  Facebook pages
Fact Check :  False
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