No, JNU SFI Leader Did Not Fake His Injuries

BOOM spoke to Soori Krishnan, who told us he received five stitches on his head and his right arm is in a sling.


BOOM spoke to Krishnan who shared with us his medical records and recent photos from his doctor's clinic showing his injuries.

Photos Showing Bandages

Krishnan was injured in a mob attack on JNU students on the evening of December 5. "I sustained injuries and was rushed to the health center where they bandaged my head to stop the bleeding and asked me not to move my arms," Krishnan told BOOM. "That's where the photo was clicked where I am seen walking"

He then explained that the second photo of him sitting in a wheelchair with slings in his arms are from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)

"We were then taken to the AIIMS trauma center where they stitched my wounds and put slings around my arms to restrict movement. One can see in the picture that i have a bandage covering a part of my scalp - this is where the stitches are".

Photo Without Bandages

When asked where the third photo was clicked, where Krishnan is seen in a red shirt and no bandages.

"I reached Thiruvananthapuram airport on the evening of January 6 where members of DYFI and SFI greeted me. Many media persons and my family were also there. The third photo is from there."

He added that after sometime the bandage around his head was removed to let the stitches heal. "I was told that they don't keep bandages once stitches are done. Lack of bandages doesn't mean there are no injuries."

Following the fake posts, Krishnan recorded a video debunking the claims. He shared the same with BOOM. "I don't have a fracture in my hand but there is extreme swelling in my shoulder and injuries on my arm. It is difficult to move my arm and the same is seen in the video."

Krishnan shared with us a copy of his outpatient report from AIIMS where he was treated for his injuries.The report mentions 'swelling and tenderness on both forearms' and lacerations (deep cuts) on head.

See medical report below:

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