Jhansi Police Turn Ghostbusters As Clipped Video Spooks Netizens

The viral video shows gym equipment operating on its own in a park in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh

A viral video of policemen standing by and watching gym equipment swinging on its own without anybody on it, in a park in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, is clipped and does not involve any 'paranormal' activity.

The video is being shared on social media with people claiming that the shoulder press machine, swinging without anyone on it, is likely possessed by a ghost, a fitness loving one at that.

BOOM found that the video is from Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh and a longer version of the same was recorded by the Jhansi police to show that the equipment was faulty, and had been over greased, causing it move vigorously even when nobody was sitting on it. Sangram Singh, Deputy Superitendent of Police, Jhansi told BOOM that the viral video is clipped and does not show him moving the equipment to prove that it moves for over 30 seconds when it should stop in a few seconds.

"The viral video does not show me moving it and gives an impression that the police are staring at the equipment allegedly possessed by a ghost," said Singh.

The footage is viral on Facebook and Twitter with the captions wrongly claiming that the incident is from Delhi where a 'ghost was seen exercising'. Some captions claim the incident is from Japanese Park in Rohini, Delhi.

The same video was viral on Facebook with the same fake claim that it shows ghosts exercising in a park in Delhi.

Fact Check

BOOM reached out to Jhansi police who dismissed all claims about a ghost or any such paranormal activity. The police explained that the viral video does not show the police personnel moving the equipment following which it continues to swing despite nobody sitting on it or touching it.

Sangram Singh, Deputy Superitendent, Jhansi explained that the police received another viral video which shows a few youngsters watching amused as the gym equipment swings on its own. "After receiving the video, I confirmed the location and decided to personally visit the place. I spoke to the guard who mentioned that the said shoulder press has been like that for sometime due to over oiling of its parts," Singh said.

He further said, "That equipment anyway moves for a few seconds when someone uses it. But due to the recent extra oiling or greasing as they say, it had become too smooth and would keep moving far more vigorously and for a longer time than before. This caused some youngsters to think it is a ghost and they recorded the video and shared it widely."

The same was tweeted by the official handle of the Jhansi police who also included the viral video they received.

The handle also tweeted the longer version of the video where the gunman of DSP Singh can be seen slightly touching the shoulder press equipment and it moving vigorously for 39 seconds.

DSP Singh also sent the above video to BOOM and confirmed that he was present during its recording. When asked how the video showing the policemen went viral, he said, "I was accompanied by a few people and there were some bystanders too. Someone has mischievously edited and clipped the starting portion and made it viral to show that we (police) are also shocked at the 'fitness freak ghost'."

Additional SP, Rahul Srivastav from Jhansi Police also tweeted debunking the 'ghost exercising' claim and said, "Miscreants will be hosted in a 'haunted' lockup soon.''

Claim :   Video shows gym equipment moving automatically in a park
Claimed By :  Twitter , Facebook and WhatsApp Users
Fact Check :  False
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