False: AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan Said We Will Become 'Sharia'

Amanatullah Khan was talking about becoming the channel or medium for opression to end.

A video of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Amanatullah Khan saying 'Hum zariya banenge' is being shared with false claims that he promised to bring in 'Sharia' law in Delhi. BOOM found that Khan, MLA for Okhla was talking about ending oppression and said becoming the 'zariya' meaning 'the channel' or 'medium' for the same.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Sambit Patra shared the clip falsely accusing the AAP MLA of wanting to introduce Sharia law. Patra tweeted with the caption, "Allah has decided that these abusers will end .. We will become Sharia .. Somewhere to begin with" claiming Khan said the lines in the video.
He also added, "Will Allah decide or will you decide something too? Do you want to become Sharia or not??"

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Akali Dal MLA Manjinder S Sirsa also shared the same video with the caption, "Revealed once again in video - how @AamAadmiParty leader @KhanAmanatullah in Shaheen is inciting people sitting in the garden and spreading the fire of communalism". BOOM has previously debunked misinformation shared by Sirsa. (here, here)

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Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri, who has shared misinformation on several occassions also tweeted the same false claim.

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Viral on Facebook

We searched on Facebook and found that the clip was viral with the misleading caption.

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BOOM found that in the sentence Khan said the word - 'Zariya' which translates to being the channel or medium and not Shariah as is being claimed.

The logo of spot 'Breaking News Express' can be seen in the viral video and a search on YouTube with relevant keywords showed results for a 5.53 minutes video uploaded a channel with the same name. The video uploaded on February 2, 2020 is titled, AMANULLAH KHAN, JAMIA MLA, WARNS ABOUT CAA, NRC & NPR" and at the 3.22 minutes timestamp one can hear the same statement as in the clipped viral video.

In his speech Khan speaks on AAP winning from Okhla where he's the current MLA, the Jamia shootings and appeals to the crowd to vote for his party.

In that context he goes on to say, "...Allah is everything and Allah has decided that these oppressors will not last long. They will end, and so their atrocities will end and it will start from Okhla, Jamia and we will be the medium." (From 3.10 - 4.10 timestamp)

"तो अल्लाह ही है सब कुछ और अल्लाह ने फैसला कर लिया है की इन ज़ालिमों का पत्तन होगा| यह ख़त्म होंगे, इनके जो ज़ुल्म किये हैं, ज़ुल्म का ख़ात्मा इंशाल्लाह ओखला से होगा, जामिया से होगा और हम जरिया बनेंगे इंशाल्लाह और कहीं न कहीं से शुरुआत होती है)"

We heard the video closely and found that Khan was talking about ending oppression and how for the same "They would be the instruments or zariya"

Updated On: 2021-07-16T11:27:54+05:30
Claim :   Video Shows AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan Say We Will Become Sharia
Claimed By :  Sambit Patra
Fact Check :  False
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