Dramatised Video Peddled With Bogus 'Love-Jihad' Claim

BOOM found that the viral video was created by content creators for 'social awareness purposes'.

A scripted video showing a burqa clad woman beating a man while another woman dressed in Hindu bridal attire tries to intervene, is viral on social media with misleading captions claiming it to be an incident of alleged 'love jihad'.

BOOM found that the video has been clipped from a longer version made by a content creator for the purpose of 'social awareness'.

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BOOM has, in recent times, debunked several scripted videos that have been passed off with unrelated communal claims on social media. Although many content creators upload these videos with disclaimers that state these are for 'educational purposes', yet these clips are prone to abuse as they are later cropped and shared with captions targeting the minority community.

This video, however, has no such disclaimers.

The 5-minute-long video shows a burqa-clad woman hitting a man while a woman dressed in a wedding outfit can be seen rushing away. Shortly, a man recording the video accompanied with another person reach the scene. They ask the burqa clad woman what is going on. The woman says that the man is her husband and he has changed his name and was about to marry a Hindu girl.

The rest of the video goes on to show how women are being cheated by men who change their religious identity to marry them.

The video has been shared with a Hindi caption translating to 'This is happening with Hindu girls. Men are changing their name to trap them'.

(Hindi: यह हो रहा है हिंदू लड़कियों के साथ में नाम बदलकर उन को फंसाया जा रहा है)

The same video is viral with another Hindi caption translating to 'Look at these Jihadi dogs. This Hindu girl had a close shave from a love jihad trap'.

(Hindi: देख लो इन जेहादी कुत्तो को. लव जिहाद में फंसती फंसती बची है, ये हिंदू लड़की !)

Watch the videos here and here.

BOOM also got the same video on its helpline requesting a fact check.

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The video is viral from several Facebook pages with similar captions.

Fact Check

BOOM found a longer version of the same video posted on content creator Basant Jangra's Facebook page on February 2, 2022. The video has over 4 million views and 9,000 shares. A Hindi caption with the video translates to 'This boy was cheating his wife'.

(Hindi: Apni wife ko dhokha de raha tha ye ladka)

However, this 8-minute-long video doesn't have any disclaimer.

Jangra's Facebook page has over 2.1 million followers and mentions him as an artist. We checked other social media platforms where Jangra is active and found that his YouTube channel, which shares several of the videos from his Facebook page, has a disclaimer.

The disclaimer reads 'Jai Haryana Jai Bharat .............Our Program Is Purely For Entertainment Purpose. All Characters In This Programme Are Fictitious and have not been made to imitate any individual, group of persons, Living or dead. Resemblance To Any Characters, names, places, events etc. Depicted in This Program are purely co-Incidental (Sic)'.

We also went through other videos on Jangra's page and found him to be present in multiple similar videos. Check the videos below.

This video was shared on Jangra's page on January 31 with a Hindi caption translating to 'She was distancing her husband from the world for physical needs'.

(Hindi: Physical Enjoy Ke Liye Apne Hi Husband Ko Kar Rahi Thi Duniya Se Dur)

Jangra can be seen in the video from timestamp 0.14 onwards.

In another video shared from his page on February 4, Jangra can be seen from timestamp 1.52 onwards.

BOOM also reached out to Jangra's page over email. In a response to our query about the authenticity of the videos on his page, we got a reply saying 'This Video Only For Social Awareness ..(Sic)'.

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Claim :   This is how Hindu girls are being trapped by changing names
Claimed By :  Social media users
Fact Check :  False
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