No, BJP MP Locket Chatterjee's Car Window Was Not Broken From Inside

BOOM analysed clips from the incident and found that a stone was hurled at the car window which led to it shattering.

A clip showing Bharatiya Janata Party MP Locket Chatterjee's car being attacked allegedly by a mob of angry locals near a polling booth is being shared with a false claim that the window of her car was broken by someone seated inside the car.

However, BOOM analysed clips from the incident and found that a stone was hurled at the car window which led to it shattering.

The incident happened in West Bengal's Hooghly district on Saturday morning, where voting in the fourth phase of assembly elections is currently on. Chatterjee is a Member of Parliament from Hooghly.

The viral clip shows security personnel jostling with the angry crowd keeping them away from the car; Chatterjee is sitting in as the window of the car can be seen shattering into pieces.

A 50 seconds clip was shared by Twitter user Ravi Nair with the caption, "Who broke the window of BJP leader Locket Chatterjee's car from inside?"

Click here to view, and here for an archive.

Another 14 seconds clip from a different angle was tweeted by Umashankar Singh, senior editor, political and foreign affairs at NDTV with the caption which when translated reads, "Magic! People's protest from outside, 'public place's' glass broken from inside! This is Bengal and the BJP leader's car."

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In another tweet, Singh stated claiming, "Slow motion using iMovie App clears the picture further. No stone seems to be seen from outside. The mirror is ambushed from the inside. Pieces of glass emerge on the outside."

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Singh later deleted his tweets apologising.

All India Trinamool Congress also quote tweeted the clip claiming that the car glass was broken from inside the car by Chatterjee.

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Click here to view an archive.

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BOOM found that a stone had hit the glass window of BJP MP Locket Chatterjee's car which led to the window glass breaking.

On observing the clip which shows a different angle tweeted by Umashankar Singh, we spotted a stone on slowing down the video. At the 10 seconds timestamp, we can clearly spot that the stone coming in which hits the car from outside breaking the window.

Stone marked in red

Original Clip

One can spot the stone exactly at the 10 seconds timestamp in the backdrop of the wall behind.

Additionally in this clip tweeted by CNN News18 journalist Payal Metha, at the 31 seconds timestamp one can also spot the stone coming in on slowing down the clip and pausing.

Clip slowed down

BOOM slowed the clip and highlighted the part in red where the stone can be seen hitting the window.

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