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Disturbing Photo From Tawang Air Crash Being Shared As Pulwama Terror Attack

Disturbing Photo From Tawang Air Crash Being Shared As Pulwama Terror Attack

A picture from 2017 Tawang chopper crash is being circulated as that from the recent attack on CRPF convoy in Pulwama

Barely a few hours after the deadly attack on Central Reserve Police Force personnel in Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir, social media has been flooded with fake news and misinformation on the incident.

One such fake information that has gone viral is an old photograph of military personnel standing around a charred body. The caption with the photo, written in Hindi, translates to, ‘Yet again today, a mother’s heart has wailed. Yet again today, a lover has lost her beloved.’

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The Facebook post below is graphic in nature.

The disturbing image has been shared from several pages on Facebook with the same caption. The archived post can be accessed here.

Viral post

You can also read other fake news related to the Pulwama attack debunked by BOOM here

Fact Check

When BOOM reverse image searched the picture, we came across several tweets that shared the same picture.

The cardboard boxes seen near the charred body in the viral image made it easier to find out the source. In October 2017, the Indian Air Force had faced severe flak for flying to the airbase the bodies of seven Air Force and Military personnel who had lost their lives in a chopper crash.

The cardboard box controversy was covered widely in media back then and some of the images shared in the tweets, along with the viral image, were from the chopper crash from October 7, 2017.

BOOM had earlier reported when the images had gone viral in a different context. The report can be accessed here.

While we couldn’t find the same image shared on the viral Facebook post, we could find the other pictures carried along with the viral picture in the tweets.

Same picture shared by different Twitter handles around the same time

Meanwhile, we did find the same image on an online news portal Wyrta, based in Meghalaya. The report is written in Pnar, a dialect spoken by Pnar people of the Jaintia tribe in Meghalaya. The report can be accessed here.

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