7-Year-Old RT Clip On Islamic Party Demanding Sharia In Belgium Viral As Recent

The Islam Party in 2012 stated it wanted Belgium to be an Islamic state.
belgian islamic state

A 2012 bulletin by Russia Today news channel about Belgium's Islam Party, demanding that the country be turned into an Islamic state is viral with false claims that it is recent.

The 2.15 minute video with the same false claim was tweeted by Mahesh Hegde, founder of Postcard, which routinely posts fake and false information. Hegde tweeted claming "Huge protests have already started" and also drew an inference that the same "is going to happen in India also".

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Hegde routinely shares several pieces of fake news and misinformation from his social media accounts and has also been arrested in the past for sharing communally sensitive fake news.

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The same video is being shared on Facebook.

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The video is being shared with the same caption on Facebook.

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Facebook posts


We looked for the keywords, 'Belgium', 'Islamic party' and 'Russia Today', and found a YouTube video uploaded by the news channel on their account. The channel uploaded the video on YouTube on October 30, 2012.

Belgium rt ticker
Highlighted news ticker running below

We went through the full report and noticed a news ticker scrolling below with reports about incidents in 2012. One of the tickers read, 'Bahrain bans mass gathering as cashes escalate between police and protesters' -- an incident from October 2012, as reported by Al Jazeera.

Reports indicate that the party had made similar demands in 2018 before the then elections by saying that it wants to introduce segregation of women and men in public transport in Belgium. The party lost both it's seats in the 2018 municipal elections.

Alt News had previously fact-checked the false claim.

Claim Review :  Recent News Video Shows After Winning Belgium Elections Muslim Parties Demanding To Declare It As A Islamic Country
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Fact Check :  FALSE
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