World's Oldest Tigress, Machli Dies At The Age Of 19 In Ranthambore

The world's oldest tigress, Machli, died on August 18 after being critically ill for over a week in India's Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan state. The feline was 19.

[video type='youtube' id='sACyXCbnD2U' height='365']

Also called the 'Queen of Ranthambore', the Royal Bengal was one of the star attractions of the national park. Her name, meaning fish in Hindi, was reportedly inspired by the unique fish-shaped mark on her face.

However, some reports say that the original Machli was her mother, who passed on her name to her cub.

Machli shot to fame years ago when a video of her fighting a 14-foot crocodile went viral.

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