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Were Weapons Seized From A Mosque In Gujarat? A FactCheck

Were Weapons Seized From A Mosque In Gujarat? A FactCheck

The images are from 2016 when Gujarat police busted an illegal weapons racket operating out of a hotel.

A set of three old and unrelated images from 2016 is viral on social media with false claims that police recovered weapons from a mosque in Gujarat.

The collage shows swords of different sizes displayed along with police and the accused, in one of the photographs.

“Weapons seized from a mosque in Gujarat. What do Muslims want to do ultimately? If we check the mosques throughout the country, we might get such weapons.” the caption accompanying the post claims.

(Original text in Hindi: अब गुजरात की एक #मज्जिद में हथियारों का जखीरा मिला….इन #शांतिदूतों द्वारा कुछ तो #साजिश_रची जा रही है , भारत की सुरक्षा एजेंसियों को सतर्क रहना होगा प्रत्येक #मज्जिद__मदरसों की गहन जांच की जरूरत है ! )

The same set of images is viral on Twitter with an identical narrative.

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The same photographs were viral in 2017 with a similar claim on WhatsApp and Twitter. BOOM had then pointed out to a Twitter user, that the images are old and unrelated.

Viral with a communal narrative earlier as well

The images were viral earlier this year on Facebook on multiple pages with the false narrative that the weapons were recovered from a temple in India. The same was debunked by Boom Bangla.

BOOM ran a reverse image search and found that the images are of an operation led by the Rajkot Detection of Crime Branch (DCB) and Kuvadava Police. The team busted an illegal weapons trade that was being operated from a hotel near Chotila on the Rajkot Ahmedabad highway.

The same images can be seen in a 2016 tweet by Gujarat Headline News.

Screenshot of the Times of India article on the incident

The same was reported here and here.

Tumblr post

A reverse image search of the photograph of guns lying on the table and sofa revealed that it was picked up from a Tumblr post on guns dated March 3, 2019.

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Claim Review : Weapons recovered from a mosque in Gujarat

Fact Check : FALSE

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Sk Badiruddin is a Kolkata-based journalist and a fact-checking staff at Boom’s Bangla desk. Earlier, he was a translator for TRID India, news desk assistant of Onkar News, science news contributor for AIR Kolkata and culture writer for a small scale newspaper.

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