How Dharavi Contained Coronavirus: Explained

Watch BOOM's ground report on the Dharavi Model here.

How did the Dharavi slums beat back coronavirus? Local doctor Anil Pachnekar says that it was thanks to the Dharavi Model which includes extensive surveying, aggressive testing, timely quarantining and maintaining every possible hygiene measures like using face masks and face shields, PPE kits and sanitising common toilets used all day, every day, by 10 lakh residents of Dharavi.

Dharavi also participated in a serosurvey conducted by BMC which revealed that 57% of residents of the Dharavi slums had developed antibodies against COVID-19. While researchers are not sure about Dharavi's herd immunity, but the residents are ensuring that they don't relax on safety measures.

Watch BOOM's ground report on the Dharavi Model here.

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