Video Game Clip Falsely Shared Again As 'Turkish Airline Escaping Terror Attack'

The viral clip has been culled from a Pakistani gamer’s YouTube channel.


"TURKISH AIRLINE WITH 300 PASSENGERS ESCAPE TERROR ATTACK. Watch the video of an attempted terrorist attack of an A380 aircraft, belonging to the Turkish Airline, with over 300 passengers on board as it tried to land. Thank God the experienced pilot was able to manoeuvres the aircraft to avoid a collision with the loaded fuel tanker."


The viral clip is computer-generated imagery (CGI) from the video game Grand Theft Auto V (GTA5). The video was culled from a YouTube video uploaded by a Pakistani YouTube channel named ‘The UiGamer‘ on June 20, 2019. BOOM had earlier debunked the same video on July 11, 2019. "I am just shocked that someone used a part of my video in a very wrong way," Pakistani YouTuber Umer Imran had told BOOM at the time.

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