Twitter Photoshops Barkha Dutt Holding Pakistan Flag: Fake News Police

Twitter Photoshops Barkha Dutt's image holding a Pakistan flag.
A Photoshoped image of journalist Barkha Dutt holding Pakistan's flag was shared on Twitter on Wednesday. The original tweet has since been deleted. Dutt, a favourite target for online�trolls who disagree with her views, retweeted the image saying "More fake news spotting from the RW Photoshop factory." BOOM was easily able to find the original picture. A side by side comparison of the two photos show the image has been Photoshoped and cropped from a larger image on the right. BOOM reached out to Dutt about the picture but has not received a reply yet.
The manipulated�image was created�by the Twitter handle�@Atheist_Krishna. A screenshot of an article�on shows that the original image is at least a few years old.
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