Street Play To Raise Awareness About ISIS Sex Slaves Resurfaces With False Claim

A video showing a ‘mock auction’ of sex slaves to raise awareness about atrocities committed by the Islamic State is shared with misleading context.


A video showing a man announcing the sale of sex slaves in an open market has been shared with a caption 'FEMALES Are Getting SOLD LIKE GOATS in The World's So Called Most Peaceful religion #ISLAM'. You can watch the video here and access its archived version here.


The five-year old video has been debunked by BOOM earlier too. While earlier the video was viral with a claim that Islamic State was auctioning sex slaves, it has resurfaced with a different claim now. The video, shot in 2014, was a mock auction organised by a Kurdish activist as part of a protest against ISIS in London. The women shown in chains in the video are actors. The group was trying to raise awareness on about the plight of women taken by ISIS as sex slaves.

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Claim Review :  Women being sold as sex slaves in Islam
Claimed By :  Facebook pages
Fact Check :  FALSE
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