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Poorly Edited Pic Makes Congress A Target Of Social Media Ridicule

Poorly Edited Pic Makes Congress A Target Of Social Media Ridicule

Although the image has been poorly edited it is not fake as alleged by some Twitter users.

Photograph shows and old woman hugging Rahul Gandhi

A photograph showing an old woman hug Congress President Rahul Gandhi has come under flak from Twitter users and a few functionaries of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) after netizens pointed out to the presence of a ghost hand in the photo.

The image has been widely used by the Indian National Congress (Congress) in its electoral campaign particularly in posters for its flagship poverty alleviation scheme Nyay.

Shared from Congress’ official Twitter handle

The background of the photo has been blurred but a set of fingers is visible on the woman’s sari, at the bottom right corner of the image.

The viral photo-shopped image

The photo has been revived by social media users questioning to whom does the ghost hand belong to. (Hindi translation: ये तीसरा हाथ किसका है ?)

Several of the captions insinuate that the Congress party shared a photoshopped or fake image of Gandhi to boost his public image.

The same picture was tweeted by several verified Twitter handles including that of Smriti Irani and Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga.

The caption with Irani’s tweet reads: When advertisement itself has a ‘sleight of hand’ then imagine how deep-rooted is the corrupt mindset of CONgress (sic)
(Hindi translation: जब इशतहार में ही ‘ sleight of hand ‘ नज़र आए तो विचार करें CONgress की भ्रष्ट मानसिकता की जड़ें कितनी गहरी हैं । )
Shared from official Twitter handle of Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga, spokesperson of BJP Delhi
Shared from the verified Twitter handle Chowkidar Cr. TC Gehlot Office
Viral image of third hand in congress campaign
Viral on Facebook

The archived version of the viral posts can be accessed here, here, and here.

Fact Check

When BOOM ran a reverse image search on the viral image, we found a similar image tweeted from the handle @i_theindian on January 8,2019 as a reply to a tweet by wire agency ANI.

Tweet by Rofl Republic
Original image of rahul gandhi hugging old woman tweeted by rofl republic
The image tweeted from Twitter handle Rofl Republic on Jan 8 this year

This image makes it clear that there is another man standing beside the old woman, which explains the ghost hand.

A further search shows the image is from December 2015, when Gandhi visited Puducherry to meet locals affected by devastating floods. Read more about the Puducherry flood here.

The image was also tweeted from Congress’ official Twitter handle.

The same image tweeted three years ago from Congress’ official Twitter handle

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Claim Review : Photo shows Congress tweeted a photoshopped image of Rahul Gandhi



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