Old Video Of Uma Bharti Calling PM Modi 'Vinash Purush' Shared As Recent

In 2014 Bharti had told the media that it was recorded during the time period when she was not a part of the Bharatiya Janta Party.
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An old video of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Uma Bharti criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi and calling him a ''Vinash Purush' (destructive man) instead of "Vikas Purush" (development-focused man) has been revived on social media with a false narrative.

The caption accompanying social media posts featuring the video claims, "The moment BJP denied Jhansi seat to Uma ji, she started spilling the beans"

(Translated from Hindi text: इधर उमा भर्ती जी का बीजेपी ने झाँसी से टिकट काट उधर उमा सच्चाई उगलने लगी).

Bharti has decided not to contest in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, according to news reports.

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The video alone has been shared over 16,000 times after being shared on March 22

The video can be viewed here while the archived version of the post can be accessed here.

What's in the video?

Here's what Bharti says in the 2-minute-long video.

"When sages and women are being killed, rapists are roaming the roads free, then the agendas of Hindutva and vikas, that Narendra Modi ji wanted to portray as his agenda...I believe that Narendra Modiji is not 'vikas purush', he is 'vinash purush'. He has ruined Gujarat."

Bharti continues lambasting Narendra Modi and his Gujarat model of development in the rest of the clip.

Fact Check

The same clip was released by the Indian National Congress party on April 17, 2014, days before the results of Assembly elections were declared.

The same video published on YouTube on April 17, 2014

While the Congress did acknowledge that the video was much older, i.e. not from 2014, the party claimed that the video proved that 'several leaders within BJP saw their then prime ministerial candidate (Modi) as a dictator.' News reports can be accessed here.

Back then, Bharti had lodged a complaint with the Election Commission of India about the entire episode. Bharti had told the media that it was recorded during the time period when she was not a part of the Bharatiya Janta Party. It is not clear when exactly the video was shot.

Uma Bharti was expelled from BJP in 2005 following which she launched her own political outfit, Bharatiya Janshakti Party. She re-joined the party in 2011 and was elected from the Jhansi seat in 2014.

The incident was covered widely back then and Bharti had come down heavily on Congress for pulling the video-stunt.

Report published on April 2014

The same video is now being shared on social media platforms with a false narrative.

Uma Bharti had written a letter to party president Amit Shah saying she won't run for the Lok Sabha 2019 elections, according to news reports.

Claim Review :  Denied ticket from Jhansi, Uma Bharti spills the beans against Narendra Modi
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