Old Images Of A Wild Boar In A Mosque In Malaysia Shared With Communal Spin In Bangladesh

The incident happened in 2018 when a wild boar entered a neighbourhood mosque in Selangor in Malaysia.

A set of two images showing a wild boar inside the premises of a mosque has resurfaced with a false claim that Indian Hindus set a pig loose in a place of worship in India.

The images were posted on a Bangladeshi Facebook page Newsbd64.com.

The Bengali text accompanying the photographs translates to, "Hey Muslim brothers, take a look at what Indian Hindus are doing. The Hindus have set free a pig inside a mosque in India. May Allah protect the sacred place of worship. India can be a friendly country but they never be friends with Muslims whatsoever."

Translated from Bengali হে - মুসলিম ভাইয়েরা দেখো ভারতে হিন্দু সমপ্রদায়দের কর্মকান্ড, ভারতে একটি মসজিদে হিন্দুরা মসজিদের ভিতরে শুকর ছেড়ে দিয়েছে! _____ আল্লাহ তুমি তোমার পবিত্র ঘরকে হেফাজত কর!! ভারত যতই বন্ধু দেশ হোক না কেনো ওরা মুসলিদের বন্ধু হতে পারে না ?

The post had already been shared more than 14000 times, at the time of writing this article. You can view the archived version of the post here.

Fact Check

BOOM ran a keyword search with “Pig inside a mosque" and found a few articles on the topic. The incident happened in Sungai Buloh, Selangor in Malaysia, last year, when a wild boar sneaked into a neighbourhood mosque, resulting in pandemonium. A few mosque-goers were also attacked by the boar. The mosque’s imam Ungku Ahmad Hazwan Ungku Kamarudin was quoted as saying that the incident happened when worshipers were engaged in additional prayers after the Maghrib (evening prayer). You can read more about the incident here, here and here.

Claim Review :  Photos show Hindus in India have left a pig in a Mosque
Fact Check :  FALSE
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