No, PM Modi Did Not Wear An Arab-Style Headgear To Woo Investors In Saudi Arabia

BOOM found that in the original image, Narendra Modi was not sporting any headgear after he landed in Riyadh for a one-day official tour
Morphed Image Of PM Modi’s Arrival In Saudi Arabia Viral

A morphed image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi wearing an Arabic Emirati headgear on his arrival in Riyadh is viral on social media.

In the image, the prime minister can be seen sporting the headgear, known as the keffiyeh, as he is escorted by the governor of Riyadh, Prince Faisal bin Bandar Al Saud, from the airport.

The image, a poor work of Photoshop, is viral with a misleading narrative that PM Modi dawned the headgear to "impress his counterparts in UAE."

Screenshot of the tweet.

The tweet can be seen here and archived here.

The prime minister was on an official one-day trip to Saudi Arabia on October 28. In the visit, Modi stressed on energy ties and balanced approach to resolve West Asia’s conflicts.

Viral on Facebook

The morphed image is viral on Facebook with a similar narrative.

The post can be seen here and its archive here.

Fact Check

BOOM was able to ascertain that the image has been edited as Modi looks blurred than the rest of the elements in the photograph.

We then ran a reverse image search and found that the original image was tweeted by Raveesh Kumar, the official spokesperson of Ministry of External Affairs. The photograph was first tweeted by Kumar after Modi reached Riyadh as part of his one-day Saudi Arab trip. The prime minister can be seen being welcomed by Governor of Riyadh Prince Faisal bin Bandar Al Saud. In the photographs, Modi is not seen wearing the traditional headgear.

The same set of images were also tweeted by PMO's official Twitter handle on October 29.

A similar morphed image of PM Modi arriving in Abu Dhabi wearing the keffiyeh was viral with false claims earlier.

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Claim Review :   PM Modi wearing Saudi Arabic headgear
Claimed By :  Tweet user And Facebook Post
Fact Check :  False
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