Night Of Turkey’s Attempted Coup Caught On CCTV Camera

The night of Turkey’s attempted coup has been caught on camera. Recep Tayyip Erdogan was attacked by a group of Turkish Armed Special Forces Soldiers.

[video type='youtube' id='F-2TVKyLvHA' height='365']

Three helicopters were used by group of elite Maroon Beret soldiers on the Turkish Riviera to capture or perhaps kill Turkey’s democratically elected President. But the commandos who raided the resort where Erdogan was staying missed their target. Erdogan’s presidential palace too was attacked by soldiers and tanks on the night of the coup.

Turkey’s President escaped using his place from Istanbul airport and gave a call to Turkey’s citizens to fight back the coup attempt. After the failed coup, over 6000 army generals, judges and bureaucrats have been arrested in a crackdown across Turkey.

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