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National Anthem Must Be Played Before Screening Of Movies: Supreme Court

National Anthem Must Be Played Before Screening Of Movies: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court makes it mandatory for people to stand while the National Anthem is played before any movie screening

India's National Flag

India’s National Flag


In a landmark judgment, the Supreme Court has made it mandatory to play the national anthem in cinema halls before a movie begins. The order also directs standing up for the anthem as a mark of showing honor and respect to the national anthem which should be displayed on the screen. “It would instill a sense of committed patriotism and nationalism,” said the judges while delivering the order.


The central government has been given the task of circulating the order among chief secretaries of all states to ensure proper publicity is given on electronic and print media.


According to news agency PTI, the Supreme Court had earlier asked the government to specify what would constitute disrepect and abuse if playing of national anthem was made mandatory in cinema halls.


The PIL filed by Shyam Narayan Chouksey had sought directions that the national anthem should be played in cinema halls across the country before a film begins and proper norms and protocol be fixed regarding its playing and singing at official functions and the programmes where constitutional dignitaries are present.


In 2003, Maharashtra government ordered that the anthem has to be played before the screening of any film.


Ever since, a lot of cases came to light when groups of people have clashed with individuals who have refused to stand up while the anthem is playing, citing their individual freedom granted by the constitution.




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