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Mysterious Credits For Narendra Modi Biopic To Javed Akhtar and Sameer

Mysterious Credits For Narendra Modi Biopic To Javed Akhtar and Sameer

BOOM spoke to Javed Akhtar, who denied having written any such lyrics for the film

After veteran lyricist and scriptwriter Javed Akhtar denied having written any songs for the film PM Narendra Modi, in a tweet on Friday, it was now turn for lyricist Sameer Anjaan.

Sameer took to Twitter to distance himself from the biopic which has his name along with Akhtar’s in the end credits of the trailer. He expressed ‘shock’ in the tweet, mentioning that he has not written any song for any such film. The lyricist’s tweet can be viewed below.

Earlier Akhtar, in a similar tweet, had mentioned that he was “shocked to find his name on the poster of the film”, along with a screenshot of the end credits from the trailer that was released on March 21.

BOOM got in touch with Akhtar, moments after he tweeted. He said, “I have no idea about this film. I did not even hear much about this film. It can be that they have taken some old film songs of mine. I was not even aware of that, till I saw my name crop up in the trailer. I will have to find out how my name has been used. Maybe, they could have used lyrics from Border or LOC Kargil, but having said that, no maker can credit someone like they have done. It is shocking.”

BOOM observed the trailer of the film and at mark 2.31 minutes, the credits roll out, which mention the lyricists, along with Prasoon Joshi, Abhendra Kumar Upadhyay, Sardaraa, Parry G and Luvraj. You can watch the video below.

BOOM also reached out to Prasoon Joshi, who has also been mentioned as a lyricist of the film. The article will be updated once Joshi responds.

Meanwhile, Suresh Oberoi, one of the three producers of the film told BOOM, “This is not my department. It will be very difficult for me to tell something. I don’t even have too much time as I am very busy with the film. The public relations team, which is handling it, should know why they have done this.”

BOOM was then directed to the PR team handling the publicity of the film. A member from the team said that they would issue a statement. The article will be updated, once the statement is released.

Sandip Singh, another producer of the film, tweeted on Saturday afternoon, clarifying that the makers had used songs of different films, which were written by Javed Akhtar and Sameer.

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