COVID-19: Rebooting India's Media And Entertainment Industry

Media and entertainment industry is also one of the industries that is going to be impacted by the COVID-19 lockdown. BOOM's Govindraj Ethiraj Speaks to Amit Khanna, Chairman, Reliance Entertainment about how the consumption of media will change in the coming times.

Here are a few points that Amit Khanna made in this discussion:

* India's film and entertainment industry is worth $35 billion and employs 10 million people, directly & indirectly.

* India's film industry makes around 2000 films every year out of which Bollywood makes around 300.

* Consumption of media will see a shift. People will shift to consuming entertainment at home.

* Indian households to move to multiple devices universe

* We will witness growth of online streaming services

Watch the full episode of COVID-19 From The Frontlines to know more about how our consumption patterns are going to change.

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