Lok Sabha Results: See How Far These Laddus Have Travelled

Images of laddus being prepared in huge quantity were shared on social media a day before the last phase of polls claiming that these were preparations of BJP's victory. The images are old

An old image of laddus (North Indian sweet delicacy) being prepared in huge quantities went viral on social media a day before the last phase of polls. The caption with the image claims that the sweets were being prepared keeping in view Bharatiya Janta Party's imminent victory in elections. The caption reads: Look at the piles of laddus and imagine the margin by which Modi is going to win. Jai Jai Shriram.

(Hindi: लड्डुओं क़ा पहाड़ देख के समझ लो चमचों मोदी की विजय कितनी भयंकर होने वाली है । जय जय श्री राम |)

Viral post

Archived version of the image shared on the Facebook profile of one Kanak Mishra can be accessed here.

The image has been shared with similar captions on several individual profiles and groups on Facebook.

Viral on Facebook

Viral on Facebook

Fact Check

When BOOM ran a reverse image search on the picture, we found that it had been viral earlier too with a different claim.

In January this year, the image was shared with a caption: JJP in a bad shape in Haryana. Look at JJP's condition. Now BJP will eat their 20 quintals of laddus.

(Hindi: हरयाणा में जेजेपी का हुआ हाल बेहाल | ये देखो जेजेपी का हाल | अब इनके 20 कुंतल लड्डू बीजेपी वाले मज़े करेंगे | बहुत उड़ रहे थे ये सब 2 दिन पहले से |)

Another post uses the same image but with a different caption

Back then, the post was viral in the context of BJP winning the by-polls in Haryana's Jind on January 28. Jannayak Janta Party (JJP), formed by Dushyant Chautala in December 2018, came second position in the by-polls.

Interestingly, BBC Hindi had done a fact check on the claim back then, calling it fake.

Original image?

BOOM also found the same image shared from Facebook pages and Twitter handles in August 2018 with entirely different narratives.

We also came across a 2018 tweet which claims that these laddus were being made in Rohtak for the Maha Kabeer bhandara.

While the images shared in the tweet and that in the viral post are not the same, the white tent in the background looks similar.

Comparison of the image found on twitter and the viral post

Though BOOM could not independently establish where the image was from, we could trace it back till June 2018, thus proving that the photo has been on social media for a while now.

Claim Review :  Laddus being prepared in order to celebrate BJPs victory
Claimed By :  Facebook pages
Fact Check :  FALSE
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