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Knock Knock: Was Indian Media’s Coverage Of The Nepal Earthquake Insensitive?

Knock Knock: Was Indian Media’s Coverage Of The Nepal Earthquake Insensitive?

The Indian media’s coverage of the Nepal earthquake was slammed on social media, with many Nepalese criticisng the “insensitive and one-sided” reporting. BOOM asks people whether this charge was justified.


The devastating earthquake on April 25, 2015 in Nepal has claimed more than 7,500 lives and the number grows each day. Following the rescue teams from India, were the Indian news media who arrived in Kathmandu and then spread out across the countryside to report from ground zero.


There was blanket coverage from the disaster zone covering every aspect of the earthquake. Television journalists were credited with letting the world know the impact of the widespread disaster and helped galvanise international help but the focus on the Indian government’s relief efforts and the tendency to sensationalise resulted in a backlash from Nepalese people. So much so, that #GoHomeIndianMedia started trending on Twitter.





BOOM asked the Indian public if the Indian media deserved the brickbats it was getting.


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Anwar Khan


1 Comment

  1. Rohit

    May 10 at 9:18 am

    Actually there was noting bad as much I had seen the coverage, but Indian media is so foxified they bombard with their own understanding. You will see CNN is having better coverage of villages and Indian & Nepali army working together and helping people. But our media kept itself in Kathmandu and kept on pushing videos from there.

    Somewhere Indian Media has lost it’s credibility and even if they don’t do anything wrong, we question their motive behind any coverage and debate.

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