ISRO PSLV Launch: Can India Replicate This Success Elsewhere?

Yes, it can be done and India has done it in the past given the right goals and leadership, according to columnist Shankkar Aiyar.

Aiyar was participating in a discussion on ISRO PSLV Launch: Can India Replicate This Success Elsewhere? on BoomNews's show #IndiaHangout.

Kiran Karnik, former chairman of Nasscom, who was also with ISRO for 20 years, said India has built up tremendous capabilities in space technology. "But the learnings are not being transferred to other spheres because too many people think space technology/science is too esoteric."

While Aiyar feels the success of ISRO gives us lessons on how we can be globally competitive, Karnik said: "space programme is not an island in itself, it works in association with the industry."

Karnik re-iterated that clear goals, leader & team and timelines have worked at ISRO. 'And trust is what works at ISRO. So, give professionals the chance and don't interfere."

Aiyar was of the opinion that we need to inculcate pride in our abilities. "All we need is political leadership telling the bureaucracy that we need this, this, this... two things missing are setting of goals and visible lack of leadership."

Leadership, motivation, organisation and trust, according to Karnik, can see India replicating ISRO's success elsewhere.

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